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“I Close My Eyes & Dream, and the World Has Turned Around Again…”

“I Close My Eyes & Dream, and the World Has Turned Around Again…”

The words in my blog title come from an old 90’s song by a group called: Oingo-Boingo.  The melody came rushing into my thoughts this morning after not hearing the song in over 15 years (or more…ugg!)  [Widget_Twitter id=”1″]

Sometimes it just feels nice to close your eyes and simply LISTEN.  When you open them back up, you may find that your world has completely turned around or changed for the better.

That’s how we felt yesterday when we decided to listen to an author read one of her short works of children’s literature. We knew it would be the perfect moment for closing our eyes and living in the imagery of this Caldecott Winner’s words. We ‘saw’ and ‘felt,’ so simply with our mind’s eye as we listened to this treasured story. We ‘heard’ the eloquence and serenity.

The time flew by as we ‘savored’ the images, lost in those moments as if time was only the words themselves. Noise was no part of this “hearing” experience. Our imagery of mind was filled-up-full of words that created a meaning more beautiful than any our 5 senses could appreciate.

We walked into the story with the Author, now journeying into the deep dark woods, searching for something undeniably special…an experience worth waiting for. A most loved family member was by our side and anticipation was growing. Yet in the anticipation there was a tremendous sense of calm. The words in the story spoke of, “using no words.” The author conveyed her meaning through images imbedded forever on the heart. This was an experience worthy only of observation, of silent appreciation for what was to be ‘seen.’


  • “Our feet crunched over the snow.”
  • “My shadow bumped after me.”
  • “Pine trees looked “black and pointy against the sky.”
  • “The moon made his face into a silver mask.”
  • “The shadows were the blackest things….they stained the white snow.”
  • “My mouth felt furry…the scarf over it…wet and warm.”
  • “…part of the big tree shadow lifted off and flew right over us.”
  • “We watched silently with heat in our mouths, the heat of all those words we had not spoken.”

In a reading, listening & visualizing experience such as this one:

“…you don’t need words or warm(th) or anything…but hope.”  The hope that is inspired by the Author’s delicate way of drawing you in can remain with you throughout your day.  It is the hope of gaining inspiration from all the richness life has to offer in the beauty of what surrounds us.

The kind of hope that flies on silent wings under a shining Owl moon.”

Imagery from great literary pieces like the story above: Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen create rich pictures in our minds and evoke emotion in our hearts as well. Isn’t this one of the greatest gifts a writer can provide to their readers? No matter what the genre, Visual Imagery is an Element of Writing that does not have to be about style. Rather, it can emerge gently in any piece of writing.


So, Homeschool families with writing projects, celebrated Authors, readers and all lovers of literature: as you go about your day today, maybe you can try something new. Put intention into ‘seeing’ the world around you through different eyes. What emotions do some images evoke? How would you describe these ‘sights’ differently to bring more richness to the visual image for yourself and others?

I would love to hear about your personal experiences with Imagery and how it has brought meaning to your reading or writing experience.  Please share with us by tweeting your thoughts to:

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🌸The Beginning…OUR JOURNEY

🌸The Beginning…OUR JOURNEY

Lessons learned
love more, not less
forgive, forget
be smart, protect
the sun will rise
the tides will turn
heart open…
no regrets ~By Joe Barca [Widget_Twitter id=”1″]


As I sat down today. I knew it was time. Time to recalibrate the scales of family life. It’s a fresh start, so what better way than to revisit what motivated the Authors’ Theme for our upcoming book. ⚖

FELICITY {fe-lisa-té}
Noun (pl. -ties)

1. Intense happiness: domestic felicity
2. The ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts
3. Speech that pleases by its accuracy, felicity and fluency
4. A particularly effective feature of a work of literature or art:
thanks to its felicities of language, the book gained authority

ORIGIN: Late Middle English: from Old Spanish~ felicidad, from Latin~ felicitas…Happy


My daughter and I began this book together over a year ago.
The poem above from a peer-author, inspired us- as we pace ourselves for completing our own book journey.
Each day’s lessons lead us one step closer.
We talk together and we’ve come to see:
We can’t diverge too long from our own path– where we’re meant to be.
It eventually calls us back home.
We love this path– that’s how we know.
It fits, it works, the tide HAS turned.

New pages are added here, as we complete this journey most dear.

our journey     1111

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The Mattress Guy

The Mattress Guy

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Not long ago after moving back home, my family and I set out to purchase a new mattress. We did quite a bit of research and stopped at many locations as well. One store had an appealing facade and marketing that drew us in. I remember my husband saying, “let’s just check it out…it may not be as good as it looks.”

The minute we walked in we met Joe, a guy with a smile in his eyes and an apparent sincerity that took us aback. At first, our skeptical distrusting thoughts did not allow us to reciprocate the warmth Joe was expressing toward us. We thought: “This store must have some seriously good training techniques to make people believe the employees actually care.”

As time passed with Joe by our side, sharing his insights on the particular mattresses, we found ourselves really liking this guy.

He had that: “It factor!” The thing you feel but can’t always articulate at that particular moment …what you feel when you are around someone who is truly one-of-a-kind and “no-holes-barred authentic.”

The interactions we had with Joe were lengthy because we found ourselves conversing about things far unrelated to the mattresses surrounding us.  We also discovered how much more there is to know about mattresses than there should be! Not even a good episode on, “How it’s Made” would suffice to explain all the variations and breeds of mattress out there. But since it’s really not about the bed anyway…I will get back to the story.


As we all interacted, our skepticism just melted away. This older man was more than some land-shark on the sale’s floor trying to sell us a mattress and we knew it! We were not just feeling particularly gullible either, because none of us had even wanted to be shopping for a mattress that day.

Joe was a gentlemen who reminded me of a time when things in life were different. He was the real deal–the kind of person you don’t forget after meeting because they live kindness, have unyielding patience and a goodness felt simply by being in their presence. You could feel his integrity based on the actions following his words.

Well, needless to say- we bought a mattress that day. But that wasn’t the end of Joe in our lives. Not because we became close friends. We only saw him one time after that. What happened was this:

The experience and everything about it had such an impact on us (beyond bedding!) that we wrote a letter to the mattress corporation to tell them about our experience with Joe.

We don’t have a lot of free time in life as busy working parents with plenty of necessary things to get done each day. We made a conscious choice to make the time and write this letter because JOE was WORTH the effort. If the letter would make even a small difference in his life, it would be worth it.

Some weekend not long after, we needed to pass by the store to buy a pillow while doing family errands. Joe was there, so I asked him if he’d received any good words about that letter written on his behalf. He looked at me, again with a smile in his eyes and quickly pulled me to one side of the store to tell me that he was astounded and happy that I had just walked in at this particular moment. Confused, I asked him why. He told me that the Regional Manager was in the store for the FIRST time at that very moment and had made a special trip to the area specifically to speak with Joe about the letter they received.

What a coincidence he was there at the very same time I asked my husband to pull in…or was it? (Things like this are never coincidence, I would have to say.) After hearing this, I asked Joe if he might introduce me to the RM. I could sense he was slightly uneasy with this whole “coincidence,” being a very humble gentleman. Nonetheless, he took me over for an introduction. My conversation with the Regional Manager was brief, but I did mention the letter- hoping he’d read it himself. The RM made the connection quickly and assured me he had read it and that it was the reason for his presence at the store that day. My last words to him were, “I believe your store is a success because of Joe and surely hope you find a way to do whatever it takes to not only keep him around but also utilize his strengths in your company to the fullest.  You have a treasure right here in this tiny store that could build your brand! I only wish it was HIS OWN store so he might reap the great benefits he provides this company by being here.”

Three months later, some other family members were in the market for a new mattress. We of course referred them to Joe. We found out Joe had been given his very own store to run just a short time after that letter and subsequent visit.

The Happy END! … or… a NEW BEGINNING.



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