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🐲 Mini-Bitty Spanish Lesson #2🇪🇸

🐲 Mini-Bitty Spanish Lesson #2🇪🇸

Kid Author Ella: ¡Hola Señora, Gracias (Thanks) for offering to have a Mini-Bitty Spanish lesson with me today and share my new Fantasy Fiction book too!

Señora: ¡Hola Ella! ¡Por supuesto! (Of Course!) Ella, I was so happy to purchase & read your thrilling first Book in The Legend of Beams Trilogy. It’s definitely a book for all ages! Beams will become a loved member of many families- and I loved uncovering the secrets within the Realm of Castelina.
It’s pretty neat when a kid loves writing enough to become an author. You have inspired others- that they can do it too! Now I can’t wait for Book II.

Kid Author Ella: Muchas Gracias, Señora (Thanks a lot). It’s been fun writing this series about the Magical Land of Elves and Dragons. That’s actually why I thought it would be neat to learn a few more Spanish words to help me describe the characters in another language. It’s sort of like how the dragons have their own language.

Señora: ¡Absolutamente Ella! (Absolutely!) It will be fun to describe these magical characters in Spanish. So we’ll need to use some great descriptive words or palabras descriptives in Spanish.

Kid Author Ella: (smiling) It was so awesome to create these unique characters. So how about if I give you some Adjectives to describe the characters and then we find the Spanish words for those! We can collaborate together.

Señora: That sounds perfect. The word for Adjectives in Spanish is actually Adjetivos–so it’s quite similar to English. Many of the words that describe YOUR CHARACTERS are also similar sounding words in both languages. Words like this are called Cognates or Cognados in Spanish.

Kid Author Ella: You know, I think those words called- ‘Cognados’ are a great way for anyone to start learning Spanish since they are almost connected to the English in a way.

Señora: ¡Exactamente! (Exactly!) <<< Oh, there’s one for you!💚🐲 And, not only are they a fantastic (fantástico) place to start; the word ‘COGNATE’ actually means ‘SHARED ORIGIN’- something neat to think about since we’re having fun with words.

YOU and The Legend of BEAMS are simply a perfect fit for Mini-Bitty SPANISH Lesson #II

Palabras Descriptivas/Adjetivos: (Descriptive Adjectives) so let’s describe the characters!

Kid Author Ella: You got it! Okay. I’ll give you the characters name and then tell you something abut them. Then we can write the Spanish Cognate after the English description.

▶︎BOOK: The Legend of Beams- Character Descriptions (Descripción de los Personajes)

🐲 Ophelia:  Innocent = Inocente

🐲 Coral:  Accepting & Forgiving = Tolerante

🐲 Greta: Joyful = Jovial

🐲 Pheloneous: An Individual = Un Individuo

🐲 Creatina Dove: Confident = Confidente

🐲 Arabella Skyscraper M: Beautiful Dragon = Dragón Bonita

🐲 Petal flow: Unique = Única

🐲 Beams: Completely Different = Completamente Diferente

🐲 Captina: Horrible = Horrible

🐲 Blue Herron: Terrible = Terrible

Kid Author Ella: Well, that’s just about everyone. There’s only 2 missing. But I can’t give it all away. Hopefully if they read my book- they’ll find out why! WOW~ I can pronounce these easily …it’s really awesome! I love Spanish!

¡ME ENCANTA! (I LOVE IT!) img_3846  Thanks Señora…. Mama! :o)

Señora: Nice work Author Ella (hija mía)! These are some of the most incredible characters. They will always stay in many a heart! Good Job! (¡Buen Trabajo!)

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