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Month: August 2017

🌺Beyond Words

🌺Beyond Words

Mexican Rose, Periwinkle & Ultramarine,

Ivory, Black and Emerald Green—

What shall I paint to bring joy- to you?


“Paint for me…with your words—

create a clarity, utterly new.

Accomplish what no other Interpreter could do.”


I will paint you Elephants, Grey & Ivory White.

I will transform your words—night upon night.

“Okay my Interpreter.


blend your words and mine.

Make them illuminate each one’s mind.

Like a painter’s palate, all colors together;

make my words clear, like the sunshiny weather.

Paint a picture of what I need to say and to know.

Your words are the guide to where understanding does flow.”

Yes, rest assured— fearless one—

my translations will be your colors, expressions of clarity— your guide. 

All will gain understanding, the job will be done.

Like a Unicorn…you’ll emerge

—taking in the morning dew—

with an interpretation of the world, now entirely new.  

By Jennifer Campana Lopez,  M.A. Ed.


🔸Spanish/English Interpreter & Translator

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🔶 Educator


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