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🚪Purpose or Choice

🚪Purpose or Choice

We all have it—this ‘thing’.

It has a name.

We call it: Purpose.

Some people feel a strong sense of it—stirring within them. They are deeply rooted in it’s meaning personally. Purpose drives them daily. It’s their direction in life, their deeper significance here on earth, their moral compass.

Others feel this sense of Purpose as more of a companion—casually walking along the journey of life with them. These folks might say they just ‘go with the flow.’ It might also be that they allow the framework of their current circumstances, surroundings or outside influences to dictate how and when this sense of Purpose will be fulfilled.

But what about those who have this same presence of Purpose in their lives—yet feel it—to be more like an endless, dark windy night near a deep undulating, ebbing sea. The darkness, wind and waves swirl, sending chills and stirring confusion within them. The word Purpose alone is weighty to them, yet not entirely unbearable. It’s attempt to keep them frozen in confusion among the grandeur of life—stings—as they wonder,

“Which way is the right way, the better way for me to get to the light of my own truth?”

Do any of those three scenarios resonate?

Which one most closely reflects your current circumstance?


Now let me tell you something.

Within your every life circumstance, surrounding or experience—there is a doorway.

It’s yours. It’s visible when…

Well, let’s just say you may not have even realized it was there because situations, surroundings & external forces inundate moment by moment.

Your entryway welcomes you to a place where time is your companion and purpose—your greatest allay.  It is liberation from conformity, judgment, hierarchy and situation. You arrive at the threshold & finally know it’s time to open this door when you realize that despite the inevitabilities of life, the “un-control-ables”—there is something within this grand framework that brings possibility to Purpose.


Within the unalterable facts of life—are Choices.

When we put thoughtful intention into our choices- stepping away from the ebbing, undulating waves of mainstream, popular thought, the need for validation and the concern over opinions of others—our Choices improve and our sense of Purpose becomes clear.

We have walked into a greater understanding of who we want to be, how we want to live and the new knowledge we want to acquire to get there.

When we don’t ignore our potential Choices, those unique to our own moral framework–and completely separate from the undulating currents of mainstream thought, we are honing our Purpose, following our moral compass.

We all know the ‘inevitables’ of life. We also know that we have no control over these in life’s greater framework. Whether you are searching for a more positive Purpose, wanting to live a life free of social conformity, endeavoring to make more fearless choices, or just wondering about how your life fits in to the bigger picture…this entry-way becomes a fresh mindset and will bring about some seriously positive changes.

You will inevitably find that the Purpose you were unclear about was actually just the need to more deeply understanding that’s its meaning is rooted in Choice.

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By Jennifer Campana Lopez,  M.A. Ed.


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