Are you ART GLASS?

Are you ART GLASS?

Ella and I love Art Glass. We have one sphere hanging in several different windows of our home.  You really can’t help but appreciate the artists who create these vibrant, delicate spheres of light & color.

The beauty and uniqueness of each piece reminded us of a poem we think you’ll love.

We’ve shared it here at the end.

Talking about the quality of these hand blown spheres of reflective light led to a conversation about the word QUALITIES itself and how the word also relates to individuals & people.

“Word chats” are something we spontaneously do sometimes when a word comes up that seems to relate to more than one thing.

It’s a time for us as parents– and a family-to delve further into the meaning of life!

Is there a DIFFERENCE between:

♦️an individual’s Personality (what they express outwardly) &

♦️the QUALITIES they possess? 


We’ve all heard people say things like:

❣️“So & so has such a great personality, it’s what makes people admire him!”

❣️“I can tell this person is real b/c they have such a “kind personality.”

These two quotes are actually contradictions.


Simple: What the one individual is seeing about the other is based on something that can be PORTRAYED or expressed externally and not necessarily a quality possessed inherently or owned from within.

Any individual can PORTRAY a disposition, persona, temperament or presence of charm, loyalty, kindness, and patience, even honesty AND YET NOT FULLY POSSESS & OWN THOSE QUALITIES WITHIN THEMSELVES…  THAT’S CALLED: PERSONALITY


So, what would all this have to do with Art Glass?

Well, when both words are examined in the context of inner-beauty, transparency and an exposed genuine nature–it becomes more clear.

Those are a person’s REAL QUALITIES- like ART GLASS.

Okay, we are all creators or artists of some sort here…

So Ella & I are going to use a POEM analogy to conclude:

Think of ART GLASS for a moment…

Multi-Hued /vs./ Clear-Paned


You will “SEE right-through” to the REAL here in this POEM:

     Others may be art glass

         of rainbow hue;

I choose to be a windowpane

         for the sun to shine through.


A clear pane, a clean pane

        Is what I would be,

     Unconcerned with temperament

         and personality.


       I would have love

         Shine through me,

         So that true loved ones would say,

         not “What a lovely pane of glass,”

but “What a lovely day.”



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