💜Author Testimonials

💜Author Testimonials

Have you ever met those special people with the willingness to reach out somewhere beyond fear-

 to show they care?

They have a Think Different Mentality and– are just so good with being themselves?

I know a few rare birds like this.

MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS, you moved me a lot with these words~


❣️I treasure your writing, your creative voice & most of all- YOU❣️


In November, 2015–Writer and Humanitarian Philanthropist, Eduardo Selender, True Collaborator and “Think Different Individual,”expressed himself through his Top Ten with Ed Lists.  He created a surprise that will always stay in my memory. He continues to bring smiles to our faces with his Top 10’s–and definitely did when he surprised me with this–on his website:


Top 10 Reasons Why I Follow Jennifer Campana Lopez @TheJennieration

by Ed Selender
#10- She actually re-tweets my tweets BEFORE I send them!

9- She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve never met.

8- TheJennieration Twitter site has secret virus that latches on to other intelligent tweets.

7-She’s actually kinda cute in an intellectual Twitter-mom kinda way.

#6- She’s the most amazing squaw named Jennifer, who I’m sure looks great with a bow and arrow, in the Twitter Tribe (sorry guys, it’s a Hunger Games thing).

#5- She’s the only person I know who can pack so much information into a tweet on BOTH English and Spanish.

#4- Adorable mother and child photo on Twitter profile puts Kate and Prince George to shame (sorry, Kate, I really AM an Anglophile, with Latin sensibilities).

#3- She makes me want to send better tweets.

#2- Am finally ready to join the next Jennieration.

#1- Doesn’t everybody want to be able to say they are being followed back by JLo?

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Author, Sheri Mcinnis wrote a piece on Publishing and Translation Rights for Books in the International Market– May, 2016.  It is a part of her Book-Deal Boot-Camp Series. I am encouraging her to publish each blog post as a complete Series for her next book (after Hunters Moon). Here is how she decided to integrate information about my Spanish Interpreting/Translating into her piece in order to share & collaborate. Mil Gracias, S~ (¡sin palabras, de pura verdad!)


…This part of her piece was a total & sweet surprise!

Because foreign publishers know their markets much better than anyone else. Plus the further I get into the world of independent publishing, the more respect I have for all the work that goes into a traditionally published book too. It’s not an easy process!

While we’re on the topic of translation rights, I want to introduce you to the wonderful Jennifer C. Lopez!

Jen was one of my very first Twitter friends and she’s been one of my favorite tweeps ever since! She’s a great teacher, author, designer, translator, mom – and more!

The Lovely Jennifer C. Lopez @thejennieration
Because Jen is a professional translator, I wanted to consult her about one of the characters in HUNTER’S MOON: a powerful Latina witch named Delia.

My great cover! Design by theCoverCollection.com
Delia had a few Spanish phrases in the book and I wanted to make sure I got them right, so I sent the English versions to Jen – and she did an incredible job translating them into Spanish – in about ten minutes flat!


Jen has also been doing something called Mini-Bitty Spanish Lessons on her site.

In her last post, she used Delia as inspiration for her third lesson. It’s absolutely brilliant how she’s able to explain grammar – in Spanish – so succinctly and clearly! Because even English grammar lessons can throw me for a loop! 😉

I’m also so flattered by all the wonderful things she had to say about me in the post. She’s an absolute doll as a person, a brilliant woman, an avid reader – and an author herself.

Jen teamed up with M Lemont to co-write a new book. M LeMont is the bestselling author of How to Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers – a book I’m reading and that I’d recommend to anyone learning the Twitter ropes – even if you don’t want 100,000 followers (which LeMont won’t believe anyway!).


M LeMont’s bestseller @mistersalesman
As I said, Jen and M LeMont have Co-written a new book due out soon – it’s called:


Isn’t that a great title? Something we should all be telling ourselves to get past the inevitable doubts. Can’t wait to read it!


Incidentally, getting back to foreign translation rights, you bet that I’ll be having HUNTER’S MOON translated into Spanish by Jen.

I might not be able to do it for the launch, but it’s a definite plan for the future.

The Spanish-speaking market is a huge, global one.

Not to mention the fact that almost 40 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish at home.

This market has a voracious appetite for books and entertainment, so don’t overlook potential readers there!

This could be my sexy Latina witch Delia!
Here’s a link to the post about Jen’s Mini-Bitty Spanish Lesson. It’s fun and informative! Enjoy!


And make sure you check out the rest of Jen’s services too, from Translating to Spanish Language Services for Authors.

She’s a great person with a really inspiring attitude toward life and learning. She’s also a very supportive Twitter friend! I can’t say enough great things about her!

Thank you, Jen! You’re such an inspiration! Wishing you so much luck with all your worthwhile projects! And good luck to you and M LeMont for WRITE LIKE YOU’RE ALREADY FAMOUS! Looking forward to it!


I’ve shared her surprise to me above.

Read Sheri’s awesome articles in their entirety by clicking on this push-pin📍


We both think “Outside The Box”- Big Time! in our own unique ways.

My Coauthor wrote the following words about our Collaborative Writing Process in May, 2016:

“Jen slowly showed me somethings I didn’t realize myself:”

🔸Collaborating with the right people encourages personal growth, allows you to dispose of ego & pride- so you can get on with making a difference.

🔸Both individuals think & work selflessly, compromising for the sake of the project.

🔸Working with Jen was truly a joy.  It was like food to feed my soul.

🔸Our collaborations open up a floodgate of ideas. That’s what being in harmony with your writing partner creates.

🔸Jen “es como el azúcar a mi alma.” (sugar to my soul)

You can check our our latest book here: 📽WriteFamous




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