🌹Is there REALLY Beauty in the BEAST?

🌹Is there REALLY Beauty in the BEAST?

Is there Beauty in the Beast?

We all know that saying: ‘When the Dust Settles’ —the idiomatic expression used to convey that notion of things becoming clearer once you gain some distance from—or perspective on— a troubling situation.

For me personally, the dust has settled on many ‘BEASTLY’ experiences this past year, ‘clearing the fog from my eyes’ and allowing me to view my life with heightened perspective and a fresh new outlook.

⬆️ Is that even possible?

I wish.

But what’s this got to do with anything??

Let’s go to the ‘BEAST’— to find out. Sometimes a ‘BEASTLY SITUATION’ can boggle our minds, even more strange—an experience can actually lead us to think we are witnessing something BEAUTIFUL & good, when it is in fact, detrimental. An example that immediately came to mind, though some may find this alarming—given the pervasive nature of its positive identity in our society…


I had been doing a little reading and stumbled upon a young college student who’d written a series of fun-scholarly posts. This young woman takes a position of regard for Disney’s large enterprise, while questioning the social issues ‘left in plain sight’ that consistently disempower females- but are hidden under a fog of big ‘trusting eyes’ and catchy tunes. She diplomatically approaches the question of Disney’s integrity and the pervasiveness of its ability to ‘pull the wool over’ so many people’s eyes. Intelligent individuals, parents, kids & couples, —like ‘Bambi’ in the headlights—have become entranced, ‘Frozen’ in their perceptions and quite literally…have fallen prey to the Beastly ‘lessons’ Disney perpetually instills in its audience.

All this— under the disguise of something… always magical… always beautiful.

So this might give you a better sense of what I mean. When I said I was seeking a fresh outlook on some circumstances of my own—’things’ camouflaged in something other than what they really were—that’s what I meant by needing to let the dust settle a bit and gain some sort of new perspective. Yes, my own experiences are unrelated to Disney. However, after reading this series of posts from an astute young college girl on the topic of media’s influence, I drew a connection, that seemed to me—interestingly intertwined—particularly given the recent focus on the release of a new version of “BEAUTY” & The “BEAST.”

Okay, so instead of my raging on ‘against the dying of the light’—what about this: let’s get back to letting the ‘dust settle’ after BEASTLY things occur in our lives— This could be a really great idea.

Looking at negative experiences in a new way can enhance our life, bring needed growth or even a lesson.

🤔Can an ugly experience bring true beauty?

🤔Can a seemingly beautiful experience actually be ugly?

Well, as for my own personal BEASTLY experiences this past year or so— they’ve shown me something I’d always known—but somehow—just needed it to be ‘refreshed:’

All that glitters isn’t gold.

And since outer BEAUTY has never been what I place at the forefront of my value system anyway— I began to see that these BEASTLY experiences had disguised themselves as TRUE BEAUTY–kind of like a ‘poser’ or an ‘imposter’.

I know- sounds a bit weird, but maybe there’s something to it.

Here’s what I mean: they were a series of seemingly Beautiful & GOOD experiences, yet ultimately BEASTLY LESSONS in disguise—and—when the dust finally settled, some seriously necessary awakening, truth & wisdom were revealed.

Do we sometimes RESIST ‘seeing’ that something we continue to experience—a series of circumstances, or even people—are not contributing to the TRUE BEAUTY or goodness that we value and work to instill in our own life experience?


And we should question everything that enters our life—or—at the very least, attempt to see it from a new perspective. We should encourage ourselves to dig beneath the surface, beneath the camouflage of outer BEAUTY and rampant social acceptance—challenging our efforts in the mainstream. Challenge Pride, Fear of the Unknown, Envy, Hatred, Rejection, or whatever may try to prevent us from looking deeper & being better.

We should mentally examine all of this and more—because it’s our life—and if we don’t—it can lead to our resistance of living another, better reality. Especially when the seeming “BEAUTY” of a circumstance or experience is ubiquitously staring us in the face like that “sweet” Big-eye’d Disney “Princess”.

So, since I don’t know you and you likely don’t know me— instead of revealing our own seemingly BEAUTIFUL yet possibly BEASTLY experiences to one another, let’s agree to examine them in our own time.  Hope that sounds good to you. :o)

In the meantime, I will leave you with a brief list of some BEASTLY truths that could be interpreted as BEAUTIFUL if not looked at from a deeper & new perspective. It requires you to free your mind a bit from it’s own shackles, be open to the possibility… and think differently.

So, while still remaining open to the questions that lie within this potential Disney BEAST, take a look and see what YOU think.

Have a little fun and try to use this as an exercise in developing the multi-lens camera of the mind. ZOOOOM-in! Take a look at Disney as the BEAST for a moment instead of the BEAUTY that we’ve “all” come to believe it to be.

See if you can detect any potentially harmful or sinister values this ‘Media Monster’ may be instilling in your value system and how they might be negatively affecting you or your family. See if you catch anything that may have been ‘flying under the radar’ for you—yet now seems as if it could be a BEASTLY and pervasive theme in the Disney movies out there:

—“Get the fiancé out of the way and the whole thing will be fixed.” (sung by the Trolls in Frozen)

—Social Hierarchy & Female Submission
 —Focus AWAY from Depth of Character & Intellect

—Extreme Superficiality
—“Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, the girl who has everything?”

(Life’s not complete for the Little Mermaid without getting that man to “Complete” her.)

—Encouragement of Female Jealousy & Vindictiveness in order to gain Male Attention…

(Tinkerbell: a TEENIE-TINY example)

—Not Empowering children in Independent Thought 
—Discouragement of Living in the Present Moment

—Waiting on “Some Day”

—Seeking Acceptance from others, even when they are unkind or abusive—in the hopes that they will or have truly changed.  Have they? Can they? (Beauty & the Beast)

—Ultimately Physical ‘BEAUTY’ outweighing every Authentic Virtue of Character & Strength

—Charm & Deceit Encouraged over Honesty & Individuality


My Sincere Thanks for Reading.

I hope it was something that helped bring you a “Think-Different” Perspective—and—most importantly—no matter what your feelings are about Disney…that you begin to keep check on posers or imposters that negatively alter your intentions for positive experiences & growing life-lessons.

My hope for you, is that any BEASTLY experience can ultimately bring you BEAUTY through the learning—and that you’ll be able to ‘zoom-in’ to identify false BEAUTY’s disguises for what they are so you can place your focus on what True Beauty means to YOU.


Jennifer C. Lopez  -TheJennieration-

Now, I’ll leave you to peruse other themes on this college student’s website:The Dark side of the Moon.

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