🕯Blind Side

🕯Blind Side

For those of you who like to Think.

You know there is—a whole lot more
a different way…
or—what’s it all for?

You have to take it to the Brink

Let yourself go there…
feel it— from every side
even if it’s covered in crazy
hear it—the real depth in your head

Now seize those thoughts—
no longer hazy

convert to words and make them said

or…maybe, write them down instead

Let yourself fall away
from the play it safe—
not that…not one more day

Your thoughts & words merge—
mind’s set free

Yeah, You’ve gone to the Verge

Be glad— let the rest go
and know,
You were always there… to change your own world

blindside  12

No more Blind Side

–By Ella & her Mom

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