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“A most exciting Re-Launch!”


The DRAMATIC New Edition of The Legend of Beams, Part I.”

“Author Uproar!”

After I began the sequel to BEAMS Book One,

I knew there were more secrets that HAD to be uncovered about the Realm first.

This latest, excitement packed edition will prepare you for the intensity of BEAMS Book Two.

Be sure to read this before the sequel comes out: Winter 2018.

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About the Author:

I wrote the first edition of this book on my own, before I turned 8 years old. I even helped with the Indie publication of my book before its debut in October of 2016.

As I have continued to grow-up, my writing has definitely changed. Probably a big reason for this is because of how much I love to read. Also, because I have a pretty big passion for writing. It sort of runs in the family.

The Legend of BEAMS is a series of wonder that really will capture and warm your heart.

It is for readers young & old.

Well, Book II in the Trilogy of Beams is currently in the final stages of writing, but while I was writing it-there was something I discovered: some huge secrets and super important additions to the story line HAD to be added.

So, I actually pulled my book from publication in order to re-write it. That’s when I decided to ask my mom to collaborate with me. We both began to re-read and write and write and write some more… with this passion from deep within our writer’s hearts to bring life to each of the characters in Beams.

Now, I know when you read it…

you’ll be completely prepared for the intensity of what is to come in Book II.

My mom and collaborative writing partner told me today that I am “continuing to discover the true meaning of what it is to be a writer from within” and I think I definitely agree with that. The characters are a part of both of us now—and we hope they will live on in your hearts as well.

You will even find my hand-drawn illustration of Beams. I hope you are enthralled.

Here’s what people have said about the story:

“This mother-daughter duo has a compelling writing chemistry in their collaborative books: the first on Fearless Thinking and Learning & now The Legend of Beams- breathtakingly magical!”  

~Northern Ohio Library Association, Author’s Round Table

First Young Homeschool Author and her mom to be recognized by The College of Wooster for Writing Excellence in 2017.

“Beams transports you to a world where a few special dragons coexist with their kindred Elven friends until danger enters their realm. Along with a thrilling adventure, full of action- love and hope emerge from the writing. Ella is a free-spirited young storyteller and her own voice is just as much a part of the book as the characters themselves. Her poetic heart and innocent wisdom shine! This duo has created a book that will stay with you long after you finish reading.

~Best Selling Author, Patricia Furstenberg, of Joyful Trouble. Awarded Most Gifted Book in the United Kingdom, Writer for the Huffington Post, Africa. See the rest of her precious books on her website: Click Here

“Ella is a young, talented, multicultural author. She explores fearless thinking and learning in her writings and takes the reader on innovative adventures of the mind and heart.”

~Author Jessie Cahalin resides in Wales, is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and is currently writing the Second Edition of her own book, You Can’t Go It Alone. She is appreciated among the Indie Author community for her unyielding support and ingenuity, particularly evidenced in her blog: “Books in My Handbag” Click Here to learn more. 


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