🎸—Collaborative: School Founder & Author

🎸—Collaborative: School Founder & Author

We all know: when it comes to making unreservedly true connections with others, it can be difficult; especially the older we get, the more full our lives become or even just the more life taints us.  However, if a time comes when an opportunity like that enters our life- and we actually seize it– it can be a pretty magical moment!  Sometimes it’s like opening a window to a fresh new world.

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It’s a window of opportunity.  

The window is OPEN to anyone…

willing to share their work, learn together and help others.

With that I’d like to now introduce to you, my new friend and collaborator: Gordon A. Wilson. Gordon is authentic, eager to share and learn and ready to interact with others new and different from himself.  He communicates about topics not limited or constrained by social stigma, shares knowledge, inspires growth and even inquires with sincerity.  Many know him as the man, the author and creator of #Firetok. This in and of itself is exciting since the book accomplishes its endeavor to depict a new genre that Gordon himself coined with the name: ‘Inspirational Horror.’

There is something else about Gordon: “the author,” I recently found out about in more depth. It is not only intriguing, but also INSPIRING.   He and his wife Dianna are the founders of a school for all ages.  He doesn’t yet know this- but my husband and I also founded a small school for all ages in a remote area of Mexico. So, from one educator and writer who ‘thinks outside the box’- to another, I wanted to know more about this school he and Dianna founded to share it with you. I hope you’ll come along with us on this journey about a special school created by two passionate individuals who longed to make a difference in the world…

‘The School of Rock- Ann Arbor, Michigan’

Tell us about your school Gordon:  

It is actually an internationally franchised Music school that shares its name with a famous movie starring Jack Black.


What a fun idea! How did the prospect and determination to open a school come about?

The inspiration actually came from my best friend whose daughter had been a part of this same program on the east coast and really enjoyed exploring her musical abilities in this after-school program. We approached it as a business opportunity with life changing benefits.

What propelled such a passionate choice in both of you?

We wanted to do something worthwhile with our lives, as we got older. We have been working long enough that retirement should not be too far away. The reality is we don’t really want to retire, rather to focus our efforts on something much more satisfying than merely money.

How is it all going now that you’ve opened the school?

At first it was a slow go.  We had to find a property to fit our needs. This took pretty close to a year due to some zoning and bureaucracy issues that tied things up. It is really a shame how an inefficient bureaucracy can ruin things for no good reason.

Eventually it all worked out and we rejoiced over the failures. Everything was perfect and a lease was signed. My wife and daughter got the school painted and decorated, instruments were purchased, instructors hired, and we were good to go.  Now the school is going fantastic! It’s a full time commitment but we not only get to work together, it has afforded us the time to communicate on our long commutes to get there each day.

My blog FIRETOK.COM was actually born out of these conversations quite un-deliberately.

What makes your school unique and inspiring?  

We have witnessed personal transformations in our students’ development & progress, which would likely be hard to believe had we not seen them first hand. That, I would have to say- has been inspiring.

I am not sure how unique it is, but there is no doubt to anyone involved with the school that passion and commitment are what make it all work.

With inspiration, commitment and passion on your side, how could it not! 

So tell us a little about the students attending the school and maybe share one story in particular that stands out to you? 

We have students from age four up to those in their fifties. Every one of them might answer the question differently, but they all love music.  Most want to play in rock bands and many are learning to play more than one instrument.

We had a young girl at the school who was feeling frustrated and defeated, getting ready to quit her lessons. My wife asked me to work with her and I endeavored to understand why she was discouraged. In the process I took an approach of listening more than teaching. She ended up being a star student and went on to perform in front of a large crowd by herself with her acoustic guitar more than once. She went from quitting to performing in a matter of a couple months.


That story really sums up the whole of why we do what we do.  You made a difference in the life of a sweet girl who will forever be changed because of your efforts.  Gordon, the final question I would like to ask you is:

What does a day in the life of your school look like?

We arrive in the early afternoon. The majority of the students attend school, making this an after school program. They shuffle in and out all afternoon. Scheduling and rescheduling is ongoing, working with instructors to understand where each student needs help is also part of the daily activity.

We typically get home pretty late in the evening after we drive our one-hour commute. We also have group rehearsals several days a week depending upon the age of the student. I direct these, so I am teaching the students to better understand how to play their instruments within a group. It has its frustrations but is incredibly fun and rewarding.

The best part: being able to work with students and see them grow toward reaching their personal goals on a regular basis. We have witnessed numerous student transformations. Was it a lot of work and frustration to get there? It totally was. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Education can take many forms and teaching confidence through music is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

Thank you to fellow educator and friend Jennie for inviting me to talk about a very important part of my life. 

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Gordon A. Wilson and His Wife: Dianna 🙂   

♦️Find out more: Firetok.com


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