🌼Thank you for sharing our Book, College of Wooster!

🌼Thank you for sharing our Book, College of Wooster!


The female Elephant is incredibly loyal to the places she considers HOME.

Like a loyal Elephant mother and her child, my daughter Ella and I return each year to a place we consider HOME—The College of Wooster.

Elephants have been a symbol in our home since our daughter Ella was born & actually the reason her name IS… Ella. They were the only choice for the cover of our Mother-Daughter Book because they represent the epitome of family, education and parenting.  We have been returning to The College of Wooster every year since our daughter was a baby.


Ella knows Wooster as a home away from home and feels her mother’s love for the special place where my own treasured life learning took place.

Ella is a Homeschooled girl- from a New Generation of Fearless Learners.

She was 7 years old when we completed and published our book this past summer and we are tremendously grateful that it was selected & included in-

The College of Wooster Magazine’s Winter 2017 Edition.

Thank you Ms. Karol Crosbie, Editor in Chief


Our Mother-Daughter Homeschool Book is about standing apart and understanding that this doesn’t mean—standing alone. It’s about finding exceptional resilience and freedom to live in line with your own authentic desires and human spirit—without feeling the need to conform. It’s about being fearless and learning how. This is just a small part of what I learned at Wooster.

It makes our family proud, observing the College of Wooster’s FORESIGHT when it comes to embracing uniqueness and accepting diverse learning experiences. There is a beautiful congruence between its traditional ethic in academia and the college’s prudence toward embracing valuable members of the new Homeschool community. According to current statistics, Wooster is among a small (yet growing) list of elite colleges such as Baylor University, Brown, Carnegie Mellon U., Case Western Reserve, Dartmouth, Dennison, Georgetown, Harvard, Miami U. of Ohio, Princeton, Radford, Tulane and others—encouraging students who’ve been raised in a Homeschool environment to attend and thrive in their academic setting (LearningFreedom.org,).

The College of Wooster’s forward thinking ideals are what encouraged my own selection and final decision to attend as an undergraduate, though I myself was not raised a Homeschooler. Students who have grown up in a Homeschool setting thrive and contribute at C.O.W.—which is a pretty unique and special quality about the college.

Wooster has foresight & always has been a college that looks beyond the confining boundaries of conventional thinking—toward the endless possibilities open-mindedness brings!

Some may find the facts that support phenomenal success rates of Homeschooled students in the college setting a surprise, but nonetheless—they are valid. The days of questioning a Homeschooler’s ability to socialize have now become a misguided belief of the past.

My heart tells me that Ella will probably attend Wooster one-day, and her refreshing perspective on life and contributions as a former Homeschooler will be welcomed warmly.

So, like that loyal elephant mother with her child—we will continue to return to the College, our home away from home each year.


The College encouraged me to grow into who I am as a person today—all these years later and I attribute my ability to becoming an educator, a fearless parent and an author- to my experiences there.  Throughout all my years of education, even beyond Wooster—it was by far my most treasured experience.

Looking back, C.O.W. is nothing less than a place of ‘UDDER’ magnificence to me.

I became comfortable in my own skin in many ways…in this special place, called C.O.W. for its play on words (being surrounded by the farms and fields of corn).

There is nowhere like it on earth for me and I am eternally grateful because it has allowed me the ability to help our daughter to grow comfortable in her own uniqueness at a much younger age.

Thank you College of Wooster!


Until it’s time once again for you, Woo…

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