🌸A Mother-Daughter Book—The New Generation of Fearless Thinkers & Learners

🌸A Mother-Daughter Book—The New Generation of Fearless Thinkers & Learners

Our “Think Different” Mother-Daughter Book- ARRIVED! 

“Thanks, But I’ll Teach My Own Kid.”

The New Generation of Fearless Homeschooler—is a book is like no other Homeschooling Resource you’ve ever read—it STANDS APART. 

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Honors & Endorsements for this ‘Think Different’ Book: 

The College of Wooster

Northern Ohio Library Association, First Young Author Round Table Event

The Fireside Bookshop~ Chagrin Falls, Ohio


Why are Elephants on our book Cover?

There’s nothing more symbolic of a mother’s love—than the Matriarch, Elephant Mother.
She is the epitome of what Motherhood represents. This stunning, highly intelligent creature’s ability to teach and wisdom to guide—keep the family group safely together. These powerful females are intuitive, keenly empathetic and fiercely protective Mothers. They lead their children away from dangers and do whatever it takes to help them grow.

The elephant’s communication skills are another wonder. The families revolve around the female and the deep family bond she instills in her young. The females stay together for life.

So, Elephants were the only choice for the cover of our Mother-Daughter Book. They’ve been a symbol in our home since our daughter was born & the reason her name IS…Ella.


A New Generation of Fearless Homeschooler…Big Changes are Coming!

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