🐕Holly’s Honeys Collaborative

🐕Holly’s Honeys Collaborative

Even as a young child, Holly’s affinity towards animals seemed to attract them to her.  Her family and friends seriously marveled at how animals in need seemed to somehow end up in close proximity to her- no matter where she might be. She would encounter and take in fallen, injured, lost or abandoned birds, squirrels, baby deer, raccoons, ducks and more.

Holly would carefully nurture and intuitively care for the animals.

Holly seemed to have wisdom far beyond her years that allowed her the fortitude to stick with her care of an animal until not only was the animal in a better state of health, but also had a proper home.  Many times the homes included special pet sanctuaries, whose focus is bringing an abandoned wildlife creature back to health.

Holly learned a lot through her experiences as a young girl and teen, caring for the feathery and furry creatures of the world. She was raised in an animal loving home- where one of her first pets was a Cockatiel, named Wally. He spoke many words and sentences, which her father worked diligently to teach him.

One of the statements that Wally spoke often; which Holly still recalls to this day is: “God is Love!”

This expression still resonates with Holly because she, like her dad- knows: the love animals express-

…is a gift from God.

Here is Holly to share a little about how her dream to make a difference, turned into a beautiful business:


As an Advocate for & lover of animals; pets and wildlife, I was destined to be a part in the care-taking of them.
My move from the Midwest to Los Gatos, CA in 1985 was the beginning of the search for my place and roles in life.  When I KNEW; I opened my business Holly’s Honeys in the year 2000.
As an animal advocate and activist, I care deeply, working with the local communities & through social media to help rescue animals. I myself have fostered many dogs in our greater community. Plus wildlife.

Founding Holly’s Honeys has brought me feelings of joy, knowing I have been able to help many in the San Jose area with their pet needs- from basic ‘Walk & Talk’ to speciality & long term care.

I want to thank Jennie at the Jennieration.com for hosting me on this guest post Collaborative.

TheJennieration has been a dependable source of support to me in my business on occasions when my business has the need of an Interpreter. We have clients who relocate to Northern California from Spanish-speaking countries, requesting my pet care services. Jennie makes herself available for a conference call or Face Time with my customers at a moment’s notice, to ensure clear communication of pet needs. The best part, we often end up laughing together as she creates a situation that helps both myself and my client feel at ease. 


“It still amazes me what the pets give back with their soul and heart.
I pride myself on Commitment, Dependability and Scruples.”

~Holly Campana


Thank you so much for sharing Holly.

Now get ready! Look at all of these precious faces: They are just some of Holly’s Honeys.

Then enjoy reading her 5 ⭐️ Reviews!




Boodah    Mogley

Ben the Coon Hound

   Silly Lily

   Cali            Lily & Dickens

      Mr. Q~ aka: Puddy

    Play Dates

 Toby Cat  Lucy Lab

   Val & Runner

Moritz Santiago      Buckley



   Bred by Holly

5 Star Reviews for Holly’s Honeys Pet Care: 
💛Holly is as dedicated as they come. Her love of animals and dedication to our pets is amazing. We love Holly’s Honeys and first admired her for her advocacy of animals. She is wonderfully kind person with a heart for service and she is a trustworthy pet care provider. I highly recommend her without hesitation. She has now been helping families in the Los Gatos, Saratoga & San Jose communities for many years with regular care, geriatric & pet sitting. Animals respond to Holly, that is for sure.

Holly has been called upon for repeat pet sits by her loyal customers and their furry family members. She has a business of referrals because of her integrity and incredibly loving heart. The animals we know Holly to have cared for during her recurring pet sits–include: Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Exotic Birds and even a pig.


She is determined to help pets and their families and is known for her work with American Staffordshire Terriers. They truly are all Holly’s Honeys.  With Great Respect —Delany V. Los Gatos, Ca.

💛Holly has taken my dog out for a daily walk for over nine months now. She loves my dog, and my dog adores her! Holly is always reliable, punctual and super kind. I often get cute text messages with my dog sniffing or walking during his time w Holly. She plans her vacation days FAR in advance and notifies me so I can arrange for something else. My Cavalier King Charles adore Holly and I’m so thankful my little boy is in good hands!
—Helena M. Los Gatos, California

💛Holly is the most reliable dog sitter I have worked with. she is very responsible.
I needed help with my injured dog in a short notice, she went beyond my expectation. she handled the situation very well and I’m very happy with service that she provided me. will work with her again.
—Azita K. San Jose, Ca.

💛Holly is the ONLY person I can trust with my temperamental pet!  Sparky doesn’t always love everyone. But the first time they met, he let her enter his inner circle! He wags his tail and is so excited every time he sees her!
—Rachel A. Mission Viejo, Ca.
💛I just returned from 2 wk business trip after using Holly for the 1st time to mind my 2 small dogs.  Holly was really great!  Very conscientious and reliable.  She consistently stayed in communication w/me thru text and or photos whenever she was at the house, what she did, what was going on. Asking questions or providing info as needed.  Very well organized.  Did not give me a chance to worry about my dogs for a moment, as she assured that she was always on top of things.  Very impressed with her and the service she provides.
I intend to continue hiring her for my future dog sitting needs.
—MJ. San Jose, Ca.

I have hired Holly several times, and have found her to be a reliable, flexible and cheerful animal sitter. She faithfully follows my rather lengthy instructions in caring for my two cats and my house. She contacts me immediately when she has a question or problem, which I have asked her to do, and which I really appreciate.  And best of all, she must do a good job of cleaning and deoderizing the litter boxes, because when I arrive home the house does not smell like litter – as it usually did with other sitters.
—Beth B. Los Gatos Ca.

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Holly & her Rescue Ruckus



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