Go Ahead…Just Wonder.

Go Ahead…Just Wonder.

Creativity explodes in

the music of a mutual composition



Nothing quite like it.

I had my own mind and now–the mind of another too.

Ideas appear like an endless flow~~~


…Sweet spots where

One phrase may be all it takes to make the energy emerge.

Our words collide…

forming silent powerful explosions of ineffable beauty & precision.


In these moments, I imagine a tandem walk, perfectly balanced on a tight rope,

high above the mess below.

Even in the deep dark silence of my solitary night,

it feels like ‘stepping out into the sun.’

The illumined thought produces words that glide onto my page effortlessly

and radiate all that is within.


Can you feel that light?  I say to myself…

as I send my words through space & time to be caught by my writing partner

…in the morning.

The process ‘swings back around’.

I open my partner’s writings and say,

“Swing me all of your light…” through the LIVEWIRE.             [Widget_Twitter id=”1″]


I ponder and feel again the silent explosion of our words and ideas effortlessly colliding to create something that otherwise would not exist.

Sometimes, I say aloud– I’ve been outta my mind today- only gonna ‘find the higher low.’  I just need to hide from myself & my words until tomorrow.

I read, ‘I’ll lift up– carry the load.’

That’s when I know,

I know where I’ve got to go.

I say, “Can you hold me when I fall from the lines?”

I’m going there too…



deep down’

~~~into the WRITER’s ABYSS.

We’d been writing solo…but now–

We’re the LIVEWIRE!


Words Inspired by my favorite collaborative singer song-writers: Oh Wonder~

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