🔎Keeping Service Fees Transparent

🔎Keeping Service Fees Transparent

Hello Friends, Readers and Colleagues. We wanted to take a moment to talk about an interesting topic to entrepreneurs: making service fees available publicly. We have always chosen this approach and thought it would be a good time to shed a little light on why we believe it’s so important.

Having Interpreted, completed Translations & created Powerful Business Content Writing for clients across the globe, we at TheJennieration appreciate opportunities to facilitate and ensure undeniably clear understanding in human interactions. This is true communication.

Communication is the very reason why TheJennieration values the importance of Transparency in conveying the details of our rates and services.   

We are grateful for the years of experience we’ve had working with our clients and the referrals that have come from our unique linguistic approach. We are proud to have maintained consistent rates for the services we provide for over 10 years.

It is really just another part of our agreement to be 100% Transparent and is a matter of tremendous Integrity.

We believe there should never be a question left unanswered with regard to the services you will receive. Though not the most inexpensive, we pride ourselves on our exceptional accuracy.

TheJennieration’s personalized service, business ethic and complete integrity are long-standing. Those who have worked with us would attest to the fact that they can rest easy knowing that each time they hire us for Interpreting & Translating, or Writings for Business Content Marketing—we’ve got it covered and they benefit from the successful results.

When consistently positive results are proven, then transparency in pricing should never be a concern- it should be a relief. This way, anyone with an interest in pursuing Interpreting & Translating services knows what to expect, even if it involves a specialized project. The general parameters are clearly set forth and that allows both client and service provider the ability to go the distance together.

We hope this information has been helpful, and if you are new—encourage you to take a bit of time to look around on the site and get to know us. We hope you decide to give us the opportunity to be your Interpreting & Translations Service Provider.



Jennifer C. Lopez, MA. Ed.     

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