⚖ Lessons Learned

⚖ Lessons Learned

Every day is full of them
these lessons we must learn
unfolding before us
in front of our eyes
even when they seem, disguised

Unconsciously we may—
neglect to see
but they’ll appear again—

Everything we need to know—
it reappears, until we grow


We’ll finally know when we forsook—
the negative of some old hook
those lessons that were once disguised
we come to see with bright fresh eyes

The wisdom that these lessons bring
will make enlightened hearts to sing
it never comes oh- right away
But most certainly does come one day

And when the still, small voice is heard
Trust its Loving, Caring Word

The ultimate connection…Spiritually
No power can withstand it—

…Exhale the negative away  ⚖

By ~Jennifer C. Lopez              [Widget_Twitter id=”1″]

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