Mini-Bitty Spanish Lesson #I🇪🇸

Mini-Bitty Spanish Lesson #I🇪🇸

Author Amiga: Hola Jen~Would you mind if I ask you how to say some of the QUESTION words in SPANISH? I’d love to include a few questions directed at the reader to spice up the dialogues in my new book!

Señora Lopez: ¡Aye Qué Bien! (great) I love when Authors incorporate culture & linguistic elements into their narratives- it really captivates the reader! ¡Definitivamente! (Definitely) Let’s start with those basic Interrogativas (Interrogatives).

Author Amiga: ¿Interrogativas?

violeta questionmark                 images-18

 Señora Lopez: ¡Correcto! That’s right- just the fancy grammatical term! Okay, we’ll call them “Question Words” jajaja!

Here they are: Look them over & practice saying them for fun with me!

¡Así!  YOU noticed something! They all “carry an accent” on a vowel and you stressed it with good intonation. ¡Perfecto!

🔵Who ~   ¿Quién?

🔵What ~ ¿Qué?

🔵Where ~¿Dónde?

🔵When ~¿Cuándo?

🔵Why ~ ¿Por qué?

🔵How ~ ¿Cómo?

Author Amiga: ¡Muchas Gracias “Sra. Lopez!”

 Señora Lopez: ~ ¡Absolutamente! (Absolutely) ¡Ahora~ a PRACTICAR! (now practice)  Muy buen trabajo amiga. (Very good work my friend)

We’re going to move through some mini lessons in super creative ways and have fun mastering the basics!

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