Mini-Bitty Spanish Lesson #3 🇪🇸

Mini-Bitty Spanish Lesson #3 🇪🇸

For Mini-bitty Spanish Lesson #3 TheJennieration would like to Introduce:

Author: Sheri Mcinnis💕 Her 3rd novel débuts soon: Hunter’s Moon!

Get excited for this spicy story about a group of fun, feisty and EMPOWERED females who definitely think differently.  Learn about the fabulous main character and what Spanish has to do with her!  The women in Hunters Moon live in New York City. Their lives are pretty intense…and have been for thousands of years. Yes These women are special!


Because: They’re witches!


⬆️ One of these witches, as you might notice…takes center stage with the attentions & affections of many.  She is the subject for our Mini Bitty Spanish Lesson #3. 💋💄

Remember~I told you it would “just get more fun!”

🍎In this lesson we’ll take a couple of the Interrogativas (“question words”) we used in our 1st Mini-Bitty lesson and practice them in our questions about this Spicy Diva with 12 new Palabras Descriptivas (Adjectives) used in similar style to those in our 2nd lesson.

🍎The Palabras Descriptivas in this “Mini Bitty” accurately describe who you are about to meet AND are 12 more examples of cognates. Remember cognates: words derived of same origins. So, they are fun & easy to remember!

🍎Mini Bitty Lesson #3 is the TRIFECTA~ with an introduction to not only the hottest witch in upscale New York, but the Spanish VERBO (verb) used to help us learn about her!

🍎Now, we all know that not every verb expresses an action. In fact, some of the most IMPORTANT VERBS (verbos importantes) act as “CONNECTORS;” linking our thoughts and sentences together. This is true in both English and Spanish!

🇪🇸 Mini Bitty Lesson #3 is on The verb: TO BE! 

✔️You know the verb: I am, You are, He is, We are, They are!

Well Today WE ARE FINDING OUT WHO a special 💋SHE: IS!

➡️ ¿Quíen ES la bruja principal en el libro: Hunter’s Moon🌚?

Who IS the primary witch in the book: Hunter’s Moon?

➡️ La bruja principal Es: Delia Verela.💗

The primary witch IS: Delia Verela.

(note: placement of the palabra descriptiva en Español follows the noun it describes!)

➡️ ¿Cómo ES Delia Verela?

What is she like?   (i.e.: HOW IS she?- as witches go)

(example of: how words can’t always be translated directly from one language to another)

➡️ ¡Delia, la bruja de Nueva York ES muy poderosa! 🔥

Delia, the witch of New York IS very powerful!

➡️¡Delia ES muy bonita, glamourosa y Latina también! 👠

Delia IS very beautiful, glamorous and Latina as well!

➡️¡Delia ES una mujer luchadora y también una bruja rica! 💰

Delia IS a feisty woman and also a rich witch!

(note: continued placement of the palabras descriptivas in Español following the noun they describe!)

➡️ ¡Delia ES una amiga buena y fiél a su ‘familia de brujas’! 💞

Delia IS a good and loyal friend to her family of witches!

(notice how: the feminine ending “a” follows in agreement across the sentence)

➡️ ¡Ella ES magnífica, misteriosa y empoderada!  💄💔💥

She IS magnificent and mysterious and empowered!

¡ES TODO! That’s our Mini-Bitty Spanish Lesson #3  Now WHO IS Sheri Mcinnis?

Sheri is a beautiful, loyal and fun-loving human being! She is a passionate writer (escritora apasionada) and a tremendously dedicated author! I feel privileged to have gotten to know her over this past year and a half–and to witness her commitment and enthusiasm for the writing process.

Sheri’s love of her characters and desire to bring them to life on the page brought about Delia’s Spicy Latina Spanish-speaking side! Yes, you’ll hear SPANISH pop out of Delia’s mouth during some of her most intense moments throughout the book! 

Click over to Sheri’s site to find out more about Writing, Self-Publishing and OF COURSE getting Hunter’s Moon! ➡️

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🍎 is soon to release a SELF-TEACH GUIDE to SPANISH for the New Generation of Fearless Learners. This series contains years of practical experience in a COMPLETELY UNIQUE & FUN PROGRAM to ease you quickly into fluency.

I hope you’ll continue your learning journey with me.

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