Muses, Legitimacy & Validation

Muses, Legitimacy & Validation

♦️Muse; plural noun: Muses
—(in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.
—Synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus; formal afflatus ”the poet’s muse”; a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

—Authenticity of something

— to recognize, establish or illustrate the worthiness/legitimacy of


Half-awake, early this morning— my subconscious thoughts stirred over these three random words.  They were AMBIGUOUSLY forming some sort of small inspiration as I lay there—grappling with whether to get up or push myself to fall back into slumber. I wondered now, how many writers and lovers of language have had similar moments with words and thoughts streaming through their consciousness in the wee hours of the morning.

For some reason- the three words stayed with me and eventually prompted me to get out of bed with a compelling desire to write. As I reached over to turn the clock my way—it read 5:55 a.m.

I smiled at the irony of the tripled number, threw on my summer Sarong and sat down to write.  You likely don’t have to guess — the first thing I did was write down those three words, looking further into their significance.

Interesting…’So why these words?’ I thought.


I remembered a conversation I’d recently had with an author friend. I’d used that first word: MUSE.  Funny, it’s typically not even part of my vocabulary. In fact, quite the opposite. The word Muse had never appealed to me because I’d always thought of it as denoting some sort of dependence, opportunism, even exploitation at the hands of women. That’s how I’d always seen it anyway, but maybe there was more to it. I’d only mentioned it to my friend that day, in reference to something interesting I’d noticed happening on Twitter. (I’ll get back to that.)

The next one that had come to mind —the word LEGITIMACY. Well, this has a beautifully balanced meaning, I thought—resonating from its roots in THE REAL.

The third and final word: VALIDATION. This one didn’t come to my thoughts as validity—so it wasn’t just another synonym for the real or authentic.

‘Okay, so now what?’ I thought.

💥It hit me. It was simple and yet a little profound at the same time.

There are so many artistic, thoughtful authors I’ve come to know through their writings. These are seriously passionate individuals, undeniably dedicated to their craft— both male and female. Some, immediately came to mind as gifted. They had drawn me in with the graceful way their words hit the page— no matter the form or genre. Their LEGITIMACY was established moments after my eyes fell over the beauty and form of their written expression.

And the word: VALIDATION, well like I said—it was the last of the three words that passed across my thoughts at 5:55 this morning.

Hmmm, this one really has to do with a sense of ones own worth.
It represents the value an individual places on their own —or another’s— effort, ability, worth or potential. So, it can be quite a meaningful word for us as writers and artists, seeking to attain our own sense of contentment with our work—as well as others’ appreciation of it.


SOME of the most undeniably talented male authors I’ve come to know through their writing and via Twitter—I mean guys with a clear gift for the written word—seem to seek out, almost NEED female MUSES (so-to-speak) to lend credibility or VALIDATION to their work. The only way I can describe it is like hungry lions. Now I’m not in the gutter here, I’m just using an analogy & talking real with you. These talented men are competitive ALPHAS by nature, yet artists by choice. Their instincts are to satiate a voracious appetite for LEGITIMACY among other ALPHA male writers.

Intriguing… so that was it.

I’m not saying every male author I know on Twitter has a group of MUSES who help provide them VALIDATION and LEGITIMACY among the Tribe—but there’s no denying an evident pattern among some.

We females, on the other hand— seem to appreciate and feel the energy that come from uniting around each other- supporting our fellow feminine ‘feline’ artistic PROWESS.

We as females often MUSE over our own AND each others’ INSPIRATIONS.

It’s different. There’s a difference!

So, what’s the point? Why did these three words wake me with this ‘elusive message’ at such an unusual hour?  Who knows?

All I can say is:

There is really something to be said for FEMININE FORTITUDE.

Creative Women ARE Compassionate and Empowering
Creative Women SHARE Strength
Creative Women HAVE Confidence
Creative Women ARE Idealistic  — &
Creative Women INSPIRE!

We as women embody these qualities.  —and yes! SO DO THE MEN.
They simply seem to appreciate—even seek women’s help toward VALIDATING the LEGITIMACY of their OWN Creative Strength, Confidence, Idealism, Empowerment & Inspiration sometimes.

So then, you highly regarded women— MUSES if you must…
Do we need to step out of the stone ages when it comes to this dated term?


OR, do we just need to do what we do best: NURTURE the good in others
MALE or FEMALE, in whatever form it seems to be most helpful to our peer Creative Minds?

Because isn’t nurturing the creative spirit all that really matters— even if it manifests itself in different forms?

Only you can decide of course…  :o)    [Widget_Twitter id=”1″]


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