🌸The Beginning…OUR JOURNEY

🌸The Beginning…OUR JOURNEY

Lessons learned
love more, not less
forgive, forget
be smart, protect
the sun will rise
the tides will turn
heart open…
no regrets ~By Joe Barca [Widget_Twitter id=”1″]


As I sat down today. I knew it was time. Time to recalibrate the scales of family life. It’s a fresh start, so what better way than to revisit what motivated the Authors’ Theme for our upcoming book. ⚖

FELICITY {fe-lisa-té}
Noun (pl. -ties)

1. Intense happiness: domestic felicity
2. The ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts
3. Speech that pleases by its accuracy, felicity and fluency
4. A particularly effective feature of a work of literature or art:
thanks to its felicities of language, the book gained authority

ORIGIN: Late Middle English: from Old Spanish~ felicidad, from Latin~ felicitas…Happy


My daughter and I began this book together over a year ago.
The poem above from a peer-author, inspired us- as we pace ourselves for completing our own book journey.
Each day’s lessons lead us one step closer.
We talk together and we’ve come to see:
We can’t diverge too long from our own path– where we’re meant to be.
It eventually calls us back home.
We love this path– that’s how we know.
It fits, it works, the tide HAS turned.

New pages are added here, as we complete this journey most dear.

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