Perception & Reality ~What are yours?

Perception & Reality ~What are yours?

Have you ever heard the term: Unhealthy Delving? It really boils down to a seeming inability to let go or stop persuing something not positive or conducive to our own well-being.  What about the term: Blind Following?  This expression relates more to taking a direction or an action in life without fully examining our own personal values on the topic or the repercussions that following this path may bring.

Often these are things we do unwittingly, sometimes based on inadvertent erroneous judgement.  Other times our actions of this nature are based on simply forgetting to ‘look through our own lens,’ or deeply ponder where our own moral compass is trying to lead us.

Why is it that we often allow ourselves to go on accepting general consensus made by societal norms, cultural stigma, organizational demands, friends’ expectations and even family members who believe they know what’s best for us? None of these groups or individuals would be entirely able (nor even willing) to perceive the world through our eyes or understand it based on the moral compass which guides us personally.

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Grasping more about the underlying deficit that accompanies the two expressions mentioned above (Unhealthy Delving & Blind Following), we might consider making a change.  This could involve allowing ourselves to arrive anew at the point~ a point which actually requires going back to the place where we first began.  It is new, simply because we have forgotten.  This place is where we remember  and understand what really matters to us personally.  What awaits us there? Metaphorically speaking, it is a home from within and it gives us a great sense of peace and contentment with our own choices and decisions we make.  Why? Because those decisions and actions are now based upon and guided by the moral compass that was attempting to direct our rightful path all along.


The other, well it was really only chasing someone else’s reality.  Isn’t that akin to following something non-existent down the middle of a dark and empty road at night? The result: gaining nothing toward the pursuit of alignment with our own personal life values and aspirations, while likely getting struck flat by the oncoming high velocity Karma-Semi speeding up from behind.  All because of accepting the premise of two simple but profound expressions: Unhealthy Delving and Blind Following.

There is so much positivity and good in our world. Immense intelligence abounds in those who want, most sincerely to share their wisdom, goodness and desire to make a wholesome and undiluted difference in the lives of others. But we have to be vigilant watchers, advocating our own path as well.


One other final thought: The innocence found in a young child is a quality we all innately have within us. This quality is cherished in children because we see the inherent and pure value of it. It not only causes a child to view his/her own world differently, but those who are surrounded by this forthright honesty are also benefitted. Honesty with ourselves and others as well as deeper more conscious thought patterns are not a personality traits or even a character attributes….rather–they   are QUALITIES that have never been lost.  It is we who lost them within us.  Once we realize this simple truth, those powerful qualities will rush back to us like little children running home for supper. Many believe them to be long lost as we progress through life and into adulthood. Some strive to maintain that compass, regain it as adults. Some have long since given up, presuming it was only something we were born to possess as children when we needed “the most guidance.”  Maybe, children need the compass a little less than we do at times.


So, the forthright honest nature and joy-filled innocence of knowing our path and what we ourselves want is there for the taking! Although we have lived through experiences that have changed us and it seems the tainted world has a strong grasp on our way of life.  The positive and negative forces seeming to push and pull at us from all directions can definitely be reigned in when we regain ourselves through quiet contemplation of what matters most (TO US).


Is this all Perception or can it be our Reality? I would reply: Our Perceptions shape our Reality. We don’t need to be individuals unaware of our impact on ourselves and others. We don’t truly desire an Inauthentic Self. Life intrusions attempt to push into our experience and redirect us away from our own innate nature but we have everything we need to not only strive, but regain and maintain our true selves!


So how can we begin? 3 forward steps:

  • Become aware that we have the power and control to make our own morally guided choices, those that are good for us
  • Accept the fact that we cannot change the actions of anyone other than ourselves
  • Know we are capable of a Reality in which our child-like natures emerge & evoke ingenuity and spontaneous goodness. We can live daily taking small but mighty actions, which make a difference in the lives of others. It is NOT gullibility or vulnerability. It is LIVING ACTIONS OF PURE GOODNESS. It is SO SIMPLE and the benefits to you and to others- far exceed any facade one could create that would mis-represent their true self

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I will leave you with 3 final points of action. More specifically: What you can do everyday to bring the Reality of this positive difference into your experience and gain a sense of satisfaction and purpose:

  1. Allow your instincts for making decisions to be based on your intrinsic wisdom and goodness.
  1. Prevent mental roadblocks: don’t accept interactions in life, via social media or otherwise that encourage or beguile you into associating with something negative or which would bring into question your pure sensibilities.
  1. Act on the saying, “The little things of good I do make all the difference.”  BE, who you WISH to SEE EXPRESSED in OTHERS. You will find that as a result, your life will manifest a more lasting happiness and contentment. You WILL see it! WHY?    Because Goodness attracts itself!

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