So much of what we read today is motivational.

Inundated with blogs, quotes and messages that speak to the “leader within us.” These messages can be powerful in their ability to lift our spirits, rouse our latent energies or simply “light a new fire under our behinds.”

There is a leader in each of us that responds to the call for betterment. Individuals approach personal leadership differently. With some, the form it takes is not as easily noticed.

Often in our society, those who have a more intense drive and grit for success are perceived as strong and brave not weak or fearful.

People who others follow are often regarded as “Leaders” as well.

So then what more is there to it– the meaning of leadership?

What about Learning from those who follow you???


  • In Business or as an Educator~ MY GREAT REALIZATION has been: I learn just as much from my working peers or the students I teach as they do from me!  THE RELATIONSHIP IS SYNERGISTIC. That mutual sharing goes on naturally through engagement.
  • This same principle applies to Parenting & Children: We guide our kids, educate them on right and wrong, support and encourage them to grow into their own unique strengths.  But aren’t we also DERIVING TREMENDOUS amounts of KNOWLEDGE from THEM all along the way? 

These two examples represent a form of Intuitive Leadership & carry Profound Implications.


Is it possible that some, perceived as leaders are actually are more like “sheeple,” following dictates of social norms or hiding behind a smoke and mirrors facade of ego?  If an individual who is believed a leader, is more concerned with how others perceive them, than with what they can do to create humble connections– they may not grasp the deeper meaning of Leadership as Synergistic and Collaborative.

Leadership cannot exist in a bubble.

It cannot be part of a: “too above it all to ENGAGE” mentality.  Leadership is connecting with the fact that there is much to be learned from others.

FOLLOW a few simple and insightful truths:


INDIVIDUALS are beginning to realize that true “strength of character” which constitutes a good leader can be found in those who understand their own inner strength. These are the types of people who stick by convictions they themselves know to be wise, despite how it may cause them to appear to others.

Be You w Feather

It takes a subtle yet powerful strength to step back from a position of authority in order to inspire others around you to excel. It takes courage to go out of your way to “set someone else apart” or help others to focus their attention on seeing the good someone else has to offer.

This type of courage is genuine, lasting and fearless.  It brings with it a higher sense of responsibility along with a greater, more authentic happiness—THIS IS: LEADERSHIP.

Leaders like these are few and far between- but…when you find them- you know it!!

These leaders are busy seeing the value in others and sharing selflessly.

Those qualities (selflessness), and the ability to see greatness in others without a self-imposed fear that they might be diminishing their own sense of self-worth…MAKE A Leader whose sincerity towards others empowerment, rewards them as the Leader beyond all others.

So, a Follower then?

It’s someone who can not come out from under the self-imposed pressure of living up to what they believe everyone else thinks, wants or expects. They may NOT be living true to themselves.

Next time you read an article or a blog on Leadership, or even see a fantastic quote you want to share on the topic– Remember this:

BE A LEADER… busy working consistently to understand the value of your actions!

Then, next time you observe a Leader- It’ll be YOUR own Reflection in the Mirror! 

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