🐲The Legend of Beams Trilogy

🐲The Legend of Beams Trilogy


🔎Note from this Award-Winning, Child Author’s Family:

This Fantasy Book Series is a story that will warm the hearts of children, teens and adults alike, taking you on an unforgettable journey.

The child author is a natural born writer and after two years writing ‘within the Realm,’ the characters have become a heart-warming part of our lives. She is currently completing the Trilogy.

We love to refer to the post about Madeleine L’Engle on our site: Click Here– to remind ourselves that we don’t always have to understand things- for them to be.

Read the Legend of Beams and uncover the secrets within the Realm of… Castelina.


~so we may never underestimate the abilities of our children.

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Dragon Arabella Skyscraper M is a fierce and beautiful Dragon.
She is also a Mother with a Secret.
Arabella lives in the Realm of Castelina with the Elves, Ophelia and Petalflow- the Queen of the Out-of-Realm Portal.
After thousands of years, a special kind of magic has finally returned to Castelina- and it is changing everything!


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