🍰Virtual Pie with a Think Different Word King

🍰Virtual Pie with a Think Different Word King

I’m here chatting with Edward Selender.

-Pull up a chair, relax and join us for some virtual pie a la mode!


Jennifer: ¡Hola Eduardo, come join me! There’s a piece of your favorite, Tres Leches ~a la mode waiting for you here! 

We’ve got a kettle of tea close by. Ahhh!

It’s so fun to finally be sitting for a chat with you… our ‘Official Collaborative!’  I know the toiling you felt over actually having to reflect and write about yourself, Mr. Humble Ed.  But, today you can finally show others why you enjoy REAL pie so much!  Unlike many, who NEED a bite of Humble Pie… you exude humility and a genuine nature.

Eduardo: Thanks Jennaay! You know I always have to joke with you about your name! You also know, it is not always easy for me to hear compliments.

Jennifer: I Do! Sometimes when someone is quite so authentic, it’s not easy for them to be complimented. They don’t want to feel flattery because it actually seems to go against their sense of humility…that focus on them. Am I right?

Eduardo: Yes, like with the Top 10 lists I create.  The whole point is to bring smiles to people’s faces and brighten their days, but I was having a hard time getting myself to share them.  It was great how you encouraged me to make my Top Ten Lists a more frequent part of my creative writing process as well.  Now I share them with Twitter via my website. We even gave them a name and made some design changes to my site. But I know you remember when you first tweeted a few of them with new images, I got a bit uncomfortable…


Jennifer:  Of course, I felt so badly.

I understand your humility makes it difficult to share your awesomeness. Sometimes others find it challenging to believe that such unique, authentic, humble people are even for REAL!  Seems backwards, right? There’s so much superficiality out there.

But Eduardo, you are one of a kind, uniquely YOU. Making your acquaintance may help others reach deeper into themselves to find their own quirky qualities too! Combine that with the fact that you’re an amazing wordsmith with this crazy-fun sense of humor that can bring a person’s emotion right to the surface. That’s a RECIPE for the THINK DIFFERENT CROWD! The cherry on top: your diverse array of hobbies and interests! 

Ed writing

Eduardo: Aw thanks Jen! When you asked me what makes me unique and special, that was, perhaps one of the most difficult questions for me to reflect upon and answer because I actually consider myself to be quite ordinary.

Jennifer:  You are anything BUT ordinary! Anyone of your “Twitter Tribe” who have grown to know you and see you for who you are would say the same! So???

Eduardo: Well, if I had to say what I feel distinguishes me from others, it would be my compassion, enthusiasm, love of learning, sense of humor, and particularly my desire to help and educate others. 

Jennifer:  Yes! Your empathy and willingness to express your heart-felt, inner-most feelings are also super noteworthy. I have some life-long friends that find it impossible to do that with even the people closest people to them. You share your thoughts freely and even when it scares you. That is actually serious strength, in my eyes!

J.K. Rowling said it beautifully, “The power of human empathy saves lives and releases prisoners.” 

This is what makes you such an ideal person for the Think Different Crowd. Others can learn so much from your innate way of simply being youYou exude the qualities that many are actually afraid to express as adults. Now I just know what you’re about to say…here it comes~ I can tell!

Eduardo: Hahaha! Yes, my twin Word-Girl…do we mean innate or inherent~ Jen?  (lol) And here, I would describe myself as shy, but maybe gregarious at the same time!

(I know-sounds contradictory, because I do love being around people, just have to get to know them before I can open up and be myself around them- you know, “let my hair down!”)


Jennifer:  I get it! You have that “Impossible Combination,” some might say. Funny, how Contradictions can sometimes make the MOST SENSE. 

Eduardo: Maybe…(smiles)…I LOVE to write, always have! My work as a Human Services professional keeps me so busy though. I created my own website like you did, as an outlet; allowing me the opportunity to express myself with my diverse, eclectic interests~ it’s been good for me in that way.

Jennifer: It makes me think of one of my personal favorites: your Top Ten Lists! Remember how we ‘chattered-on’ about a catchy, stand-out name for them?

Eduardo: Yes, that was fun!

Jennifer:  Well, the secret’s out and people WILL LOVE the smiles your “Top 10 by Ed” bring!  

Eduardo: Ahh, right!  Well they’ll have to see for themselves!  I made a Top 10 about you!  That was so fun!  

I was worried if you’d be ok with it, too! Top 10 Reasons I follow Jennifer C. Lopez

Jennifer: Me? Oh my gosh, Ditto, Ed! You about blew me away with that list, had me smiling from ear to ear. And… what a treasure to feel that someone would take the time to care that much!  I mean- what a way to show a girl your Top 10 lists, huh?

Eduardo: Although I’ve had a lot of fun creating my “Top10 by Ed” lists and some unexpectedly enthusiastic responses to them, it did take some convincing to get me to start sharing them on Twitter. As you already alluded, I have a blog (website), on which I started posting my Top10’s, but it was only recently that I had the courage to start tweeting out a few of the links to my “Top10 by Ed” lists.

Although I cannot say, for certain, how well-received my Top10’s are, I have gotten favorable feedback on them from at least three or four other Twitter Tribe members, whom I both like and respect. Additionally, I am starting to see increasing numbers of views of my “lists,” on my blog.


Jennifer: Also, anyone going through your Twitter page would not be able to stop smiling. You go back and forth with others on Twitter as if we were all kids playing and laughing in the sandbox! 


So, tell me, who do you give credit for your wittiness, clever words, ability to banter and intellectual depth? 

Eduardo: I am most definitely blushing~ big time!

You really make me push the boundaries Jen! Ok well, my most automatic response would be MOM: Although our interests aren’t exactly aligned (e.g. sports), my mom has perhaps been my greatest inspiration and exerted the greatest influence on my life. Some of the many ways that she has positively influenced me include: 1) her devotion to and love of family 2) her appreciation for the arts, culture, history and particularly literature 3) her career in nursing, devoting herself to helping others ~and 4) her love of animals, especially neglected or abused ones.

Jennifer:  There is no grander gift in life for any mother to hear, Eddy~Eduardo!

You also have quite the ecumenical background. A native New Yorker and a couple of moves…Maryland and Connecticut, right? 

Eduardo: I was raised in a traditional Jewish household; however, my mom fostered a serious respect and appreciation in me for other cultures.

Jennifer:  I bet that’s where you got your sweet tooth?

Eduardo: I know, I know…the pies, cakes, sweets! I get my some of my best inspiration when enjoying them.


Jennifer:  So then please tell the readers about your deep APPRECIATION FOR CULTURE, really an intrinsic love of other’s differences, now that’s RARE!!

Eduardo: So, Native American culture is what really moved me from the start. This appreciation was strengthened in grade school, during which time we had units of study on various Native American tribes like the Woodland, Navajo, Pueblo, Plains Indians, and Nez Perce and Chief Joseph for example.  I remember my mom taking me to a talk by a Native American, at a local library and even a pow-wow (where I got some cool Native American beadwork, including a fav ring). Being exposed to other cultures encouraged me to honor people and their differences in a profound way. I also love the South American cultures…

Jennifer:  The word refreshing… really doesn’t slice it- hajaja!

Ok let me refill our tea while you tell the readers about what makes your particular form of writing unique and how it helps others too.

Eduardo: Sure, what you’ve called my three “super-awesome” forms of writing.

First, are my opinion pieces (interviews and letters to the editor) have been a great outlet for improving my writing since I was 35 and encouraged that it might lead to journalistic opportunities. 


Jennifer:  Didn’t something pretty cool happen to you related to landing an interview?

Eduardo: Yes, when I was 27, I amazingly landed an interview with country star Tanya Tucker, who remains one of my all-time favorite country music singers and overall artists. I conducted the interview and wrote the article.  It was an amazing learning experience for me. 

Jennifer:  I bet it was! Wow, how exciting!

Eduardo: Then, there are the Top10’s. They were actually something that a good buddy of mine suggested doing to honor David Letterman, after it was announced that he would be retiring. My first Top10 lists were actually done in collaboration with my buddy, but I enjoyed doing these so much that I started writing my own Top10 lists (now: Top10 by Ed says smiling coyly).

Finally, I write Customer Service Reviews, which grew out of a desire to educate and inform others about both good and bad experiences. I’ve focused primarily on the positive with these. Doing them seemed like a great way to combine my love of writing with my close to 18 years of ‘customer-facing’ experience.

Jennifer:  That’s what I mean, my eclectic writer friend! …Ok a quick wrap up of some of this pie for you to take home and enjoy while you ‘wrap up’ our collaborative with your writing goals/plans for the near future?


Eduardo: My “day job” keeps me quite busy, but I have plans to write and the first book will be historical fiction. I’ve already started research. Also, on my blog, I plan to add templates/examples of customer advocacy letters, which others can use when they have customer complaints, or would like to write reviews.

Jennifer:  Well, this was the trifecta of sweetness! Eduardo, drinking tea and eating pie over an amazing chat with an ideal candidate for the THINK DIFFERENT CROWD…and yes….Eduardo still loves to write things out by hand…as you might have seen!


So be sure to ask him about his favorite pen when you VISIT Ed!    

Twitter: @edwardselender 😊Ed’s Website: www.writeaboutnowct.wordpress.com 


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