🌅The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living

🌅The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living

The unexamined life is not worth living.


I sat down to write. I had to. It was all I could do, because writing is my ‘IT’ place. It’s my safe place. The place where I go and find complete peace. It is my absolute refuge from the pushing intensity of life’s external forces.

Stillness—few people enjoy the bare beauty in that. I have a favorite image of a beautiful mermaid’s swim in the depths. It’s a pristine spot in the ocean where the sunlight glints through to this still space in the rich world below. The stillness is unaffected by the waves and movement at the surface.

This image centers me, symbolic -not of isolation—but of pure unsullied connection to a place without resistance where my thoughts settle upon the magnificence of experiencing what’s on the inside.

It is not a place of vain self-importance, but of total release. There’s no saturation with external worries at the depths of this unsullied stillness. Expectations all but fall away—submerged in pure goodness.

There’s no ‘offering myself up’ to the scrutiny of others –no push against the grain. I am removing myself from the insignificant details of life that seem to take on a life of their own and make themselves appear critical, but are irrelevant. They don’t exist. I am observing my own reactions, letting go of messy thoughts and making conscious choices about my own self and my own living—focused on new awareness, gratitude and acceptance.

Immersion and submersion in the depths bring profound inhalations of transformative thought. It is the ‘Breath of Freshness & Renewal’ where the mundane or distracting details of life have no effect. The experience transcends human concerns and personal achievements and only interacts with inner connection—where life alone rejects script or procedure.

The moral compass—water-proof, is unobstructed by the depths and functions to gently, firmly guide me toward renewed enlightenment and rightful action. It leads my writing and my life toward principles rooted in justice, mutual respect, authentic reciprocity and consistency. It leads away from injustice, disrespect and inauthentic gestures.

The renewal has me found, once again and I suddenly observe the feeling of intentional buoyancy as I rise—

I rise up—floating, back to the surface.

This time, the surface waves- echo reminders of the depths: assurances & tender reassurances—awareness of who and what are right.


The compass knows how to change course…

guiding to better… to a new place—


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