Jennifer:   M LeMont, people have been curious about the title of our NEW BOOK & why it’s called: Write Like YOU’RE ALREADY FAMOUS.

M LeMont: I know.  Well, we most certainly don’t want to ruin the surprise- but it wouldn’t hurt to shed a LITTLE LIGHT on it. What do you think?

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Jennifer: A little light…you’re right!  The title definitely seems like a CONTRADICTION to what we’ve been saying about “GETTING YOUR SHADOW OUT OF THE WAY” when writing & marketing.

Or: being part of a “THINK DIFFERENT CROWD”… These represent standing apart–being Unconventional, Free of Ego, Pride or Vanity.  

Then our Title seems to express the opposite….. OR DOES IT??

M LeMont: Ha! Well, that’s the whole point, right! Our contradictions actually BRING CLARITY to the Keys of Writing Success! But they’ve got to read the book to understand how!  

Jennifer: Ok, you’re right, but let’s just put some “Wordsmithing” skills to the test as a tiny hint. 

M LeMont: Okaayyy, Jennnaayyy! (laughing)

Jennifer: (smiling) The word FAMOUS:

Can you come up with any other way of looking at the word that doesn’t EXCLUSIVELY involve fame and popularity?  GO DEEPER w the WORD!

Here’s a few:

  • of Distinction
  • of Dreams
  • Esteemed 
  • Respected 
  • Expertise 
  • Prominent

M LeMont: The wordsmith over here! Jen, you are showing them- there is even more to OUR TITLE & OUR BOOK than one would gather, if they THINK DIFFERENTLY! 

Jennifer: Yep, thinking differently, will set you apart and get you where you want to be  MORE EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELY! …Unconventional Inspiration!

M LeMont: Good Advice. Now for the Practicality of WHAT that kind of INSPIRATION brings… Get:

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CoAuthors: M LeMont & Jennifer C. Lopez, M.A. Ed.

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💛WILLIAM KENOWER, Author of ➡️ WRITE WITHIN YOURSELF, AN AUTHOR’s COMPANION shared these Inspirational words recently for the Huffington Post in a blog entitled: The Real Reason Books aren’t Finished: 

Whether I am writing fiction or non-fiction, writing is like slipping into a kind of dream. I must forget about the world in which I am actually living and enter the world of the story I would like to tell. The more completely I forget, the more pleasurable the writing becomes. Within this dream, ideas come to me that I had not planned, ideas that change the course of the story. The surprises the dream provides are interesting to me in much the same way I enjoy being surprised by stories someone else has written.

And then the day’s writing is done, and I emerge from the dream back into the world I know as reality. I have occasionally asked, “What just happened? Where did those surprising ideas come from? Will more surprising ideas come tomorrow?” Because if I’m honest, I must admit that what happened within the dream felt like collaboration. I did not make those ideas, they came to me, and to understand that difference is to understand the source of what is called inspiration.

I have known no better feeling in my life, nothing easier, nothing more effortless or interesting or comforting than when I have acted on inspiration. And yet I cannot command that inspiration any more than I can really command another person. I can only invite it, and wait, and listen, and trust that it will arrive. Which it always does – if I wait, and listen, and trust. Those are the rules.

He sure represents what the THINK DIFFERENT CROWD #TDC is all about!

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