Author’s KEY🔑

Author’s KEY🔑


Proofreader, Editor & Wordsmith:

Do you know the Difference?

WORDS…the most inexhaustible source of magic we have. And though many work with words, there is ONE who’s DIFFERENT than the rest!

The WORDSMITH: an Author’s Key to Thinking Differently!

But First, let me introduce TWO others who also play an important role in your writing success.

Hello there Proofreader! You have a PERFECTIONIST’s EYE for catching mistakes. You are a natural nick-picker by heart ~and   writers wouldn’t have it any other way!

We owe you a debt of gratitude for those eyes of yours! Oh~ those EYES so keenly focused! It’s like someone noticing a tiny snag on MY pantyhose. Thank you Proofreaders, for catching those snags before they run wild and ruin THINGS!

I mean look at all you do for us as writers: fixing our spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, typos, missing or duplicated words, inconsistency of verb tenses and a multitude of other grammar issues.

I do wish every proofreader were as good as you, my ideal! But as you know there are good ones and bad ones, and Oh My GOSH–a bunch of “FAKE” ones that take your money and run!

Now I’d like you to meet the Editor.

We writers could not do without you even for a minute, although most are confused about your role.

You see, many writers think you’re a proofreader but you have your own special talent.

You are like a hostile takeover–RUTHLESS, BOLD, BRAZEN, and HEARTLESS–revising scenes and wiping out entire chapters.

To an author, YOU are the most abhorred person on planet earth.

I mean, WHERE does that nerve come from? You tell me, my opening narrative is long when my friends and family liked it?

Then you tell me to revise a scene that I was so passionate about.

How dare you! But then again- I LOVE IT!

You completely DISRUPT things– dialogues, narrative, move chapters around; or anything else you boldly decide MUST be done to improve the book.


I told you I love it and I do! I need you Mr. Editor! I need you on my team. Thank you for helping me see the light.

Okay! and Okay!

FINALLY I must introduce you to the last of the trio: The WordSmith, who you probably don’t know much about.

I’d like to describe the WORDSMITH as a Curator of Words. She’s the one who uses the RIGHT words to make a story so INTENSE, so INTIMATE that it evokes PASSION into the hearts of the reader.

  • The WORDSMITH AROUSES the mind  effortlessly stringing words together and conjuring up an array of muti-hued EMOTIONS
  • The WORDSMITH arranges and weaves words into sentences and phrases improving the sound, rhythm and flow of the writing.
  • One word can make a whole page BRILLIANT!

Radiant and elegant words make your book a page turner…so the reader has no time to yawn or take a nap. Click this ➡️ KEY🔑 for a REAL PAGE TURNER!

M LeMont once told someone, “Forget about proofreading, forget about editing, I can find people to do that stuff for a dime a dozen.” But finding a WORDSMITH, now that’s something special.

So friends keep your eyes open and you’ll know when you find one because their words will excite you.

Comments from my CoAuthor:

Jennifer, thanks so much for THAT forensic explanation. Good advice.

One other thing, don’t “Wordsmith” your own book because your brain will trick you into seeing things that aren’t there. Let the natural instincts of a Wordsmith like Jen illuminate your page.

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