🌟Deeply Pursue It—Despite What You Don’t Understand. Intuition Is Your Guide.

🌟Deeply Pursue It—Despite What You Don’t Understand. Intuition Is Your Guide.

“A Book, too—can be a star, explosive material, capable of stirring up fresh life endlessly, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe.”

~Author Madeleine L’Engle

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To say that ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ is a tribute to the world of literature does not begin to reach the profundity of this book’s potential as a positive impact on children & families in our society today.

The abilities of young readers are tremendously underestimated— and as my daughter Ella and I began to read L’Engle’s book—we couldn’t help but feel its:
—radiant depth
—immense wisdom
—delicate innocence
—profound worldliness
—complicated yet ineffably comprehensible plot
—beautiful ambiguities that have you relishing both the simplicities & complexities of life


✨The uniqueness of this author’s writing is precious to behold and like no other book out there. It has been a treasured source of conversation and joy for my daughter and I as we endeavor to focus on the beauty in life and let go of any vestiges of negativity.

✨Ella’s been enjoying a project of compiling a journal list of all her favorite words used by the author. She plans to create her own poem or story using these beautiful words when she’s done. She’ll be excited to share it on her website. The use of the author’s meaningful words, within powerful sentences have drawn Ella into a new way of thinking and become a source of excitement for delving into the depths of humanity.  

“A Wrinkle in Time… asks these huge questions, really, about the universe, and good and evil, and the power of love, and all of this crazy science and complex ideas. It assumes that kids are able to think about all that stuff. I think that a lot of people forget that, or never realize it, but a children’s book is really the best place to ask big questions. Our worlds get smaller as we get older.”

~Author Rebecca Stead, of ‘When You Reach Me.’

Through the human—there are things we will never fully understand—yet with unshaken certainty—A Wrinkle in Time shows both parent and child alike, the TANGIBLE nature of Love to overcome hate as no other text has achieved quite this extraordinarily.

The author well understood that though “hate may seem to win for a while, Love is stronger” and will always overcome the shrouds of any evil intent.


This immensely nobel writer deserves accolades far beyond her Pulitzer Prize Winning work. To say her writing is gifted would not reach the loftiness of its potential and positive impact on children and families alike. Her expressive voice, characterization and words of creative wisdom teach children that even the meaning of the word INEFFABLE can become something TANGIBLE.

A Wrinkle in Time is a book that transcends wonder and enriches children’s developing minds—filling them with curiosity, bravery, intellectual growth—an ever so immaculately expressed value— in the genuine, the potency of wisdom and the power of love. She brought characters to life, whose depth of humanity, collaborative reasoning and purity of heart might seem almost impossibly altruistic for the times we are now living in. The reality is…they are not.


“Your much too straight forward to pretend to be what you aren’t…” said Mother Murray to her daughter in the story.

….what sound advice.

A Wrinkle in Time is a tribute to “Exceptionally Unique Thinking” and deeply pursuing a life of Love despite things you may not understand. One’s natural inclination is to believe we MUST ‘understand it all’ before we embark upon something new. The reality is—we don’t.

This resonates with Ella & I—as we made the schematic connection—that these same ideologies encapsulate the essence of our “Think Different Guide”— a Family Homeschool Book for the New Generation of Fearless Learners. Like Meg, Calvin, Wallace and Mom Murray, we see the value in standing apart, being true to your natural self-hood—and learning how to hone a keen intuition in life and in parenting. This far exceeds any reasoning of the mind.

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